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Autism doesn't come with a manual. It comes with a parent who never gives up. YOU CAN DO IT...autism quotes


Our process in assessment is straigth forward. Our assessment service starts with an interest assessment - we assess the interest of the parent or family carer. This is an important aspect of the process during which we find out if the parents or relative carers are willing to committe to and through the process of support. The out come of this assessment determines the eligibility for support and guidance.

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Care Planning

The Care Support Planning CSP process involves person centred assessment (PCA) revolving around caring, behaviour, challenges, health and learning. The main ethos of CSP revolves around four areas of impairment which includes communication, social interaction, imagination and sensory processing. After the PCA, the care support plan is prepared.

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Our care support guidance (CSG) is a 24/7 guidance and support service for family carers. This service is focused on addressing issues family carers encounter. Its an advisory service based on research and professional experience of care support consultants.

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Bi-annually and/or annually based on assessment data, your child or adult relative living with neurological conditions such as autism, adhd, other associated syndrome, learning disability and dementia may be eligible for review. This service helps to monitor and evaluate the progress and development of the individual with the support offered. It also enables the service to update the care support plan in place to meet with cognitive, psychomoto and affective domains of the individuals development.

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